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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

I make an appointment to meet a manager at Home Depot. Having taking a preview of their containers I was quite amazed at the quantity of new materials. They have several containers a week of discarded materials, some new, others used.

It turns out the Home Depot is not about recycling. The manager is very clear that the containers are off limits. He says although they get several requests a week, particularly from artists, the company policy is that what they throw out is garbage. He offers me 25$ gift card to get new materials and reminds me that Home Depot is a supporter of the arts.

Then off I’m off to Cours à bois Villeneuve & Cie, around the corner from Home Depot. It is a family owned business that has been in that location since 1907, and has survived the big box store. The company has just been passed down to Mike the younger generation. Mike kindly offered me to take what i like from a pile of the twisted, second grade and cut pieces of lumber.

Also to check out within the 125 m is Aluminium Varina, metal makers, in the area since 1988 and the Go Eco box at Canadian Tire for liquids (paint etc).

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