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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

My first find is on a late night walk past Velo s’a Coche. Dozens of bicycle wheels are thrown out on the front sidewalk. A friend and I gather them in bundles at a time and go to find a place to stash them. Any metal you leave out is gone by morning: the scrapers scour the neighbourhood daily. At least this garbage will have a second life.

We find an empty corner in an alley across the street behind one of the industrial buildings and hope no one would discover them overnight. The idea was that I come back the next morning to figure out what to do next.

The next morning I meet the owner of the building behind which we left the wheels to see if they can stay there until I figure out what next. He suggests that I speak to the owner of the garage next door. He takes me over to meet Tony, of Carrosserie Apollo.

Almost immediately upon introductions and explanations I am delighted by Tony’s openness, friendliness and interest in the Ex Sculptura project. He says it is no problem to store the materials on his lot and points out the best spot in the back where they will not be taken by the night fence hoppers. We agree to meet again soon to discuss the project.

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