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Updated: Oct 1, 2018

One specific challenge I set for this project is to let the outcome unfold according to what the community provides, without predetermination. The recycled materials I will use and the space where I will to work are to be discovered in the process. I wish the materiality and the way the project is built to evolve with the serendipitous discoveries and connections along the way.

This approach is a type of personal ode to this very unique neighbourhood. The magical quality of Marconi-Alexandra I knew for 10 years is fading overnight and this project’s process is about saying goodbye.

The festival this project is part of, Projet Ex, is an outcome of the former vibrancy and creativity of Marconi-Alexandra. So in this perspective, it is appropriate that the project reaches further than its aesthetic or ecological concerns, as it investigates a neighbourhood.

I am aiming to collect and triage found materials and work on them within 125 meters of the site installation. This is the distance I can easily walk to, and I have yet to figure out what the materials will be, where they will be stored or worked on.

There are several small industries, commercial workshops, as well a few large stores, within my target zone so I thought I could count on them for material. There are more interesting choices outside the zone but for now I want to stick to the plan.

Here is a text i wrote almost a year ago about this very inspiring quartier:

Tech, Torah and G-spots: mining Mile-Ex

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