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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

I am getting to know the different types of bumpers and I am finding ways for them to fit together into a sphere-like installation. As I twist and place them in different combinations, every addition and arrangement stokes the imagination with the question: ‘what is this thing?’. I don’t know, ‘What it is’, but with every change and adjustment each angle of this sculpture-in-the-works evokes completely different moods and images.

I am improvising with the bumpers, lifting, weaving and repositioning them, playing with how my body moves and settles congruously or in contrast to these industrial pieces. As my body contorts to mould each piece into a structure, the structure informs different ways my body fits into its concave and convex shapes. In this exploration and play of movements with the object, I am discovering a new range of body forms, which are a feedback of images created with the interaction.

The body-length bumpers feel like armour or hard shell, sometimes like shelter, other moments their hardness repels, or the undulations conjure up a sensual, wave-like feeling or that of a large creature. The machine echoes in the background as a fast moving contraption caught in a moment of repose or entanglement.

All this ignites my curiosity about how the project will evolve.

We take some photos to experiment with performance ideas.

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